Making A Hit! The Nassau Baseball League
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Welcome to the Nassau Baseball League

No League Play Since 2006

Unfortunately the league hasn’t played a full season since the league the league was ask to rap up their season before June 2006, To make way for the demolition of the Andre Rodgers Baseball Stadium, and the space would be use for the new Thomas Augustus Robinson Track and Field Stadium. (TAR Stadium). The promise was that a new baseball stadium would be built within two years after the Andre Rodgers baseball stadium coming down; But sad to say it has been twelve years now. With no night league baseball in Nassau, the ripple effect is being felt all around the Bahamas at that level, and player who are returning home after graduating and playing college baseball has no league to continue their play of the game they love, even young former professional baseball players have no league to play in.

The New Baseball Stadium.

The New Andre Rodgers Baseball Stadium is on the way finally, with the ground breaking in 2014, the new stadium was about to be built. Started in 2017, the stadium hit a few snags, along the way, but Today the stadium is well on its way to completion, there is also plans to build two other fields to compliment the stadium. The stadium is schedule for completion in the summer of 2019.

Jeff Francis Dion Forsyth Jeannie Scavella Danny Stubbs

League President Vice President Secretary Treasurer